How I work at Affinity Counselling

Time & Money

The cost per session is:

£50.00 for one hour
£65.00 for couples for one hour

Missed and cancelled sessions

Missed and cancelled sessions unless re-scheduled (and subject to my availability), are payable in full. There is no fee for scheduled holidays. In the case of the client giving 48 hrs notice, (and the reason for cancellation is an emergency), the fee may be reduced by half.

Making an appointment​

Making an appointment couldn’t be easier. Call me on 01892 540424, or you can call or text me on 07875 596 420. You can also e-mail me at Please note that all forms of communication are confidential.

I may be in session when you call, and may therefore be unable to answer the phone. However, please do leave a message stating your name and give me a suitable time and number to call you back on. I’ll try and get back to you the same day, or the following day if you call after 9pm.

If text or e-mail is easier, please do use these methods. I would like to be able to talk to you before we meet, so please do state a time and leave a suitable number on which I can contact you.
Courage and commitment

The decision to embrace counselling takes a great deal of personal commitment and courage. Individuals who seek help typically carry deep and sensitive scars, and allowing the gentle process of exploration of these scars can be painful, so much so that some fail to continue in counselling, or make excuses (consciously and unconsciously) in order to avoid that pain.

Bathing a wound in salt water hurts, but the result is healing. In the same way, those who gain true benefit from counselling must have the courage to accept pain in order to gain healing.

Counselling is not a quick fix or a magic medicine. You may not see real results for a number of weeks or months, and some clients can remain in counselling for many months or years. Be prepared to commit time and money to your mental health, just as you would for your physical health by attending a gym or going to the doctor or dentist.