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Daytime and evening sessions are available, so please contact me to discuss what times would be suitable.

Counselling Services

We offer a wide variety of counselling services to help you cope with life. Please click on the page you need below.

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You can call on 01892 540424 for your FREE 15 minute confidential telephone consultation.

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Clients can attend either Tunbridge Wells or Wadhurst. Wadhurst appointments are daytime only.

How counselling and talking therapies can help you

Counselling can provide a safe place in which to tell your story, to explore the things that you are finding difficult at the moment, and to have the experience of really being heard by someone else. At Affinity Counselling we help you with whatever emotional or psychological issues you may be experiencing whether it is caused by stress, anger, bereavement or any other difficulties.

BACP qualified, I have clinics in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Wadhurst, East Sussex. We offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation where you have an opportunity to speak informally about whatever you are struggling with and to see how we can help you move forward. Call 07875 596420 or 01892 540424 to take the first step towards a healthier you.

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Contact us to discuss our counselling services.

You as an individual

There are many different ways of seeing and describing counselling and therapy, and many different approaches that aim to help with the most fundamental problems and difficulties that we experience as human beings.

Being heard with empathy and understanding is one of the most healing elements in counselling and therapy.  It  can also allow you to explore the more painful aspects of your life, and find ways of being more at peace with yourself, living more creatively and consciously, and freeing yourself from the unhelpful emotional patterns that may be holding  you back.

Therapy is a chance to really be heard, to tell, or maybe re-tell, your life’s experiences in a way that can gradually allow them to make more sense, and  be transformed into acceptance. This will often involve re-connecting with the deeper unconscious aspects of yourself that have been buried along the way, as you have grown up and learnt to live life.

Counselling and therapy can help with a wide variety of emotional and psychological difficulties:

If you need help with any of the above please contact us on 07875 596 420 or 01892 540 424.